The Importance of Speaking and Writing Proper English

Published: 05th June 2011
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What is English and why is it such a big deal? To find out lets take a look at good old Wikipedia:
"English is the language most often studied as a foreign language in the European Union, by 89% of schoolchildren...Books, magazines, and newspapers written in English are available in many countries around the world, and English is the most commonly used language in the sciences with Science Citation Index reporting as early as 1997 that 95% of its articles were written in English, even though only half of them came from authors in English-speaking countries." -Wikipedia, English Language

English is the most widely used language in the world today; there are over 1.8 billion English speakers in the world, of which only 400 million are native speakers. In other terms, bad English is the most common language today. If you are reading this, then you are one of those 1.8 billion people. The question is do you speak good English or bad English?
With so many English speakers and an ever increasingly interconnected world, it is more important than ever to hone your English skills. If you have any sort of international connections, whether it is business or personal, you must speak and write in a clear understandable manner.

The business world mostly uses English when dealing with international affairs. This once again highlights the importance of proper English. Would you associate yourself with a business that can barely communicate to its customers? I didn't think so. Obviously businesses must look and be professional in every aspect visible to customers. Otherwise this will result in lost opportunities for the business.

Proper English applies to marketing and promotion; however, it can even extend to internal company communication. Did you want that huge shipment of product on the 13th or the 30th? If you wanted it on the 13th, you may be in trouble. This is just one example of huge problems that can result from a lack of clear communication.

English skills do more than help you in business; it will help you in your personal life and growth as a citizen of this world. Nearly anywhere you go in the world, there will almost always be at least some people who speak English. This can greatly help you in communicating what you need during your travels abroad. Speaking English goes further than helping your needs, it enables you to meet new people. These connections can be used for professional ventures of just for the pleasure of friendship. Either way you have an incredibly increased chance of making friends when you have 1.8 billion to choose from!

With all of these opportunities and potential for communication problems, it is a good idea to practice your English! If you have issues with writing in English there are hundreds of proofreading companies. One such company is Native English Solutions, They help in correcting written material in all fields: academic,
business, and >anything else.

Proofreading and editing company, Native English Solutions

Information on the use of English and statistics were found from wikipedia, a great resource.

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